Oral Surgery

For children who need serious, urgent care, we can provide hospital dentistry. Hospital dentistry is practiced, as the name suggests, within a hospital in which the child is under general anesthesia.

Dentists who work within hospitals, like Dr. Mark and Dr. Megan, have typically received training specifically in hospital dentistry or through hospital-based courses or residency programs. Often, they have additional training in oral surgery and medicine. This combination of experience and education enables them to understand the complexities of their patients’ needs and health goals.

We see patients in the Operating Room (OR) at Goodall Hospital in Sanford, Maine. These appointments are used for severe emergencies, very young patients or for children that have a large amount of treatment needs.

If you have any questions about hospital dentistry or think that it may be necessary for your child, please contact us at (207) 324-0026.

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